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About Us

OmniEngine is a customer acquisition platform applying field, phone, and online channels to change the way the best brands in the world acquire customers.

What We Do

Unafraid to roll up our sleeves, our human-to-human sales approaches ensure seamless customer journeys and enduring brand relationships.


Inside Sales
Phone Sales Experts connect with customers nationwide through outbound calling or online chat dialogue. Our team asks customers the right questions, listens to their needs, and provides a solution. 


Customer Support
Qualified and trained Service Representatives ​ provide customer and client support through the communication, installation, and implementation of technology and services. We ensure minimum hold times and quick turnarounds from when products and services are ordered to being fully operational.


Client Satisfaction
We help create personalized solutions for each client to expand their reach. We consistently go above and beyond to achieve every goal that our clients desire to increase brand awareness.

A Proud Member of

American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

How We Do It

OmniEngine’s dynamic sales professionals work with customers to meet their needs, provide outstanding brand experiences, and connect them with products and services that make their lives easier.



Inside sales experts make initial contact with customers, building rapport and trust.



Sales reps walk customers through product and service options based on their unique needs.



Sales professionals sign on new customers, providing incremental sales to our clients.



Service Reps provide customer support for the installation and implementation of technology and services.

Who We Represent

OmniEngine applies innovative marketing approaches to transform the way the biggest, fastest-growing, and best-known brands view sales. From well-established leaders to rebel innovators, we embrace our clients’ quirks, custom-fitting unique sales approaches to achieve specific client objectives.

Let’s Work Together

OmniEngine sales experts feel intense pride and ownership of their work. We work in seamless partnership with your internal team to ensure success, because at OmniEngine, we think of ourselves as part of your team.